The forgotten Seekers

Draselth Journal - dies Saturnī 19 Aprilis

We spent a few days in Summerset. Korelian doesn’t seem to go very well.
I did talk to him a bit. Now he seems to go better. That’s good news.

Aliz, Yapkin and I wanted to take Pancakes for breakfast. Tik suddenly burst up on the scene.
Apparently, Korelian left, probably to see Felnuvek without us.

We had to find him, fast. It’s sad that there was no steed in Summerset, and Mo might not be able to carry us all.

Aliz strange powers were handy. I don’t really like how that she just… changed… into a horse…
Anyway, She was travelling fast. I had a hard time staying on her back.

On the Road, she found a left letter of Korelian.

We finally found him, with another kobold : Falier, the Sorceress.
She was a bit harsh at first, then she was kind, but a bit scared.
She lost her clan just like us. She was alone in this world. She must have been protected by the Gods.

She followed us willingly. She seems to know a lot about the Arcanes Arts, maybe like Blue, I don’t know.
Her power must be great, she noticed that I was cursed at the first touch.

I don’t know how she did it, but she found a way to remove the Mark of Justice that Felnuvek imprinted on me, with the help of Aliz.

She’s incredible.

From now, We will need a plan, probably search for clues in Falier’s Clan?

No matter what choice we make, I shall bring the light of the Ancients and be the protector of the ones who matter the most to me.


kyotefox Koviell

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