The forgotten Seekers

Draselth Journal - dies Saturnī 26 Aprilis

I found strange things in Rodan laboratory, so I did gather the group to think of what to do.
I don’t know what happens here, I want answers.

Korelian did know more than I about the ring I found. It pointed to the Mayor’s house.

We couldn’t search the place, the guard did know about the missing alchemist a bit… too.. fast… it’s strange.

This party wanted to talk to Sonen about this. It was a bad idea in my opinion.
And then, I guess I was right.

Sonen wanted to turn us in. I didn’t have the choice than use mental influence, it didn’t go well.

Sonen took Korelian with him to take him to the Mayor. We’re really in trouble now.

Why would he want us dead? It was a bad idea since the start to share our thoughts with him, bad bad idea.

There were 3 adventurers with the Mayor. Apparently, they’re the one who captured the dragon, and he’s alive.

Aliz want to buy the dragon’s liberty, I wanted to break up the chains.

Korelian have a plan… I hope it will work… I hope it will work…


kyotefox Koviell

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