The forgotten Seekers

Draselth's Journal - dies Saturni 3 Maius

I can’t stand seeing a chained being, this… dragon… is one of them.
Why can’t they understand how hurry we should free him, but it seems I’m the only one willing to do so.
I… I had to do something.

I don’t understand why they don’t want to free him already.
He’s trapped in chains… They want me to ask guidance to the Ancients.

They can grant me the power to share my knowledge, I needed some time.

I have no idea what happened, but Korelian did seems a bit in a hurry when I met him at the INN.

They didn’t want me to share my thoughts with the Mayor? odd. I still want to save him.

I’ll do it either they’re in or not. I know of what the court is made, I want to save him.

I must act fast. I hope Blue and Rob will help me with that.

May the Ancients’ Light be with me…


kyotefox Koviell

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