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Draselth is the smaller twin brother of Tiktaalik. When his brother was training himself to mounted combat and handling weasels, he was studying the holy words of the gods in his temple.

Draselth served many years in the Order of the Silent Eye. This religious order wasn’t really well receive into the halls of Skyfire because they did have a certain tolerance on the other religious beliefs and deities, which didn’t please the other cults. The Order of the Silent Eye wasn’t about worshipping the true Lord, but about discipline through faith, piety and arms.

Drasleth rapidly become a promising member, maybe not the best, but certainly not the worst. He first served as an apprentice, an acolyte and finally a rector.

Discipline and arms were the first thing Draselth learn in the order. Mental discipline was a thing, but physical discipline was another. Every apprentice/acolyte had to learn how to use a weapon that reflect their skills and personality. They said that it wasn’t really us that was choosing our weapon, but the weapon that choose us. He was quite skilled with the longsword.

As a rector, he could have access to a library containing books both from Skyfire and beyond. He learned a lots of languages this way. The world “outside” did seem rather different of what was said in the book. The Clan claimed that everything outside Skyfire was either dangerous or evil. How could everything be this way?

He did ask about the that to other rectors and they all answered the same : what’s written in the book is false and evil. Apparently the Order keeps those books with the sole purpose of knowing what was evil outside Skyfire. This didn’t please Draselth.

Being a rector had his advantages other than pointing what was “evil”, he did make him learn foreign languages. Secrets glyphs and lost languages, reading a book from the outside was always a great challenge until he finally learns it right. Speaking it was always a challenge when none of the rector could help him with it.

The understanding of foreign language helped him and his twin brother, Tiktaalik, learing about the secret of his brother’s book. For Tik, it was a picture book with people in armour fighting dragons and saving ladies in dress. After longs periods of reading, almost like a story time, they learned that those guys in armour were knights : chivalrous warriors that was briging justice, helping the weak and saving princesses from dragons.

Tik dreamed of becoming a knight in armour, so did Draselth. He knew that a book could bring serious troubles to his brother and himself. So it had to remain secret.

Another element of the book did catch Draselth attention. The mention of a deity he didn’t know about. Was it a deity? A whole pantheon? A philosophy? A vision? He had no idea what it was. They say that some of those knights were sending prayers to the “Ancients” after they made a pious act. He didn’t know what to think of this, Tik was as much confused that he was himself. He had to know.

His Order is known for his religious tolerance, maybe he could learn something from the rector without mentioning the book and who was owning it. Only one rector did seem to know something. An old one, from the second generation of the Order in Skyfire. He knew something about the ancient, he claimed that he was a fake cult of an evil creature.

An “evil” thing again. This world outside Skyfire, he had to see himself what it was. He couldn’t just follow what everyone says. Not everything beyond Skyfire must be evil. And those Ancients… He did send them prayers, not expecting an answer.

His faith in something he barely knows was… successful. The “Ancients” were listening to him, or at least something did grant him power trough discipline and faith. He had to keep this hidden from the other rectors. If one of them learned about that, he would probably be in deep trouble to worship an “evil” cult, apparently.

What the Ancients were telling us was a message of justice, liberty and glory, everything that was mentioned within his brother’s book.

He had to learn about them, uncover the secret behind this and see the world with his own eyes…

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