Korelian No-Clan

A blue kobold, plainly dressed in clothes modified from Halfling garments in Summerset's market.


Korelian is not a native of the Skyfire Tribe, though many in the younger generation forget that easily; he is known by his first name, and thus the topic of his second name, “No-Clan”, is usually overlooked, politely – as is his profession as an Arcane Researcher, a tad too close to wizardry for many conservative kobolds’ liking. Wizardry is, after all, little more than a cheap knock-off of sorcery, and vaguely insulting to true practitioners of the Art!

Korelian is thus an academic; a teacher to some, an engineer to others, keeping his magical talents strictly as a hobby and an amusement (even if his arcane lore is of use to the tribe’s sorcerers, including his friend and apprentice, Dantaros).

Korelian says little about his past; though from stories and hearsay, rumours circulate freely. It’s said he was banished from his tribe for trying to sell his soul to a demon for power; or that spent a year alone on a frozen mountaintop uncovering the secrets of witchcraft; or that he was once a powerful sorcerer who tried to overthrow his Clan’s dragon and was punished by being rendered powerless, and exiled. None of them seem likely to be true; though Korelian seems to have some secret shame in his past, and possibly suffered greatly in the days before he sought asylum with Skyfire.

Regardless of the truth, Korelian seems a little too wordly-wise to be a complete stranger to the ways of humans and their kin; clearly he has travelled in the world above. He seems almost afraid of fire; certainly, when flames are crackling and smoke is in the air, he seems extra skittish and nervous. His magical talents are raw and undeveloped; great wizardry, other kobolds might respect, but Korelian is no great wizard – if anything he seems to have a love-hate relationship with his powers, ashamed of their source but proud of the accomplishment in equal measure. Korelian is clearly very smart, and almost desperately eager to prove himself useful to his adoptive Tribe however he can; despite making a contribution enough to satisfy even the most xenophobic tribesman, Korelian himself seemed perpetually dissatisfied, and strove to do more.

With the initial shock wearing off, Korelian seems an odd combination of calm and angry – in his own cold way, he is enraged, and very introspective.

Korelian seems to have recovered from the shock of losing the Clan. His aloof and coldly angry demeanour faded after the first meeting with Felnuvek; Tik’s efforts to save him the dragon’s wrath seemed to confuse and surprise the wizard. Since then, he’s been slowly becoming more open and happier, albeit exposing his worries and mildly paranoid tendancies all the more. He seems to have formed a strong bond with Tik as a result of that incident, and seems to now be making more of an effort to do the ‘right thing’.

More recently, Korelian seems to have stopped making mention of his status as an outcast, and has begun referring to himself as a Skyfire kobold. He seems proud and contented about that.

Korelian No-Clan

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