Yapkin was never able to decide on a profession. Some Skyfire tribe kobolds said he’d make a good bard because he was creative and could draw well, others said he’d make a good rogue or scout because he was dexterous sneaky. Other kobolds thought he had potential to be a mage seeing as how he had such an affinity for fiery explosive things.
Eventually when Yapkin couldn’t decide, he was shoehorned into being a trapmaker for his skill with devices.
It was alright, but it didn’t suit Yapkin that much… So he started to experiment.
A lot.
It’s not like there was anyone else around who could just teach him how to make what he wanted.
What if he could make portable traps? What if he could make hand-held traps that didn’t need to actually be traps?

The ideas bounced around in his head until one night he’d dreampt of a device based off of kobold trap engineering that’d let him shoot people with explosive force without the need for setting up traps or bombs! A firearm!

Yapkin doesn’t think he came up with this on his own. He thinks Aasterinian gave him some sort of divine guidance.
So Yapkin worked away on his new weapon for months, as well as special ammunition to go along with it.
He’d nearly finished it and gotten a perfectly working prototype. He’d take it out on it’s first test run tomorrow…

He was woken the next day not by his excitement to show off his new weapon, but by the screams of his tribe being slaughtered by adventurers…
Seems he wont get to show off his new device after all.


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