The forgotten Seekers

Draselth Journal - Something odd in Rodan's Alchemy shop

Tales at the Alchemy Shop

I went to see Rodan, to know if I could borrow his laboratory.
Instead of seeing him, that place was empty : No Rodan, no one else.

I noticed claws marks on the floor. It went to the back store. Strange.
It seems like there was a battle here : books scattered on the floor, beakers smashed
scratches on the floor

Inside, I found claws marks, broken glass bottles and a Journal.

The Journal had entries related to our party, of his experiments. His last entry was a ritual to meet a dragon, apparently.

My thoughts on that
- Rodan did try to make his ritual, but was dragged away, against his will.
- He tried to make his ritual, but he summoned something that fights him and let a lot of marks.

I found a magical ring, probably owned by Rodan. It had a spell of Locate Object on it.
It’s an Arcane focuser or something, something wizards use. I’ll ask Korelian about it.

There was something odd about the door in the back store. The lock was missing. Like magically removed.
I suspect a strong Mage might got involved in this, Vulvriken could also be related to this…

Draselth Journal - dies Saturnī 12 Aprilis

We met a fire elemental in a bazier. We did manage to take care of it. I did feel strange in this place, I don’t know what it was. We did light up a second brazier.
Aliz suggested that I read out loud the recovered page before lighting it. It wasn’t sure of it, but I did it anyway.
A bigger one did appear. It was a tough one.

We moved up to the next brazier. I did say out loud what was written on the page.
I was a bit confused, but it seems like nothing happened, same for the 4th one.

That place is strange.

It opened up a locked portal in the main room. Inside, we found a dragon. I can’t believe that thing was there, in front of me.
It didn’t seem to notice everyone but me in this place. I gave it the bag of mushroom that Yapkin gave me.
That little scaly thing ate the whole thing. He talked about some guy, Armenera, the one mentioned on the other page.

The Dragon asked me who I was and to make a new Oath.

The group was pushing me to do it. I did confess all my sins, I atone and made a new Oath based on the text.

Then the dragon disapear.

I felt something. I felt something again.

My power came back. There was still someone in the Outer World who was watching me.

The Ancients, the one I read in the book, this temple was worshipping the Ancient of Glory.

I feel better.

As I tried to move on with my hate of the dragonkin, we did get attacked by Vulvriken.
He was a great foe, a foe we couldn’t stand against, death and desolation.

He wanted Korelian, he wanted him dead.

When we lost all hope, we got saved by Marcus and his daughter.
We went back to Summerset, saved.

Last Weeks session log

Aliz lit a brazier with her spark spell and it conjured a medium elemental. The pary were shocked but managed to defeat the creature.

The next time Aliz had an idea: have Dras read the knighly rites before lightning, while being ready if it went wrong. While this did not work, the party were ready when another elemental appeared this one large. it fell swiftly.

The next two braziers were not of note, lighting normally, though Dralelth read the knightly rites each time.

When the party entered the center room, they found a small injured dragon. It spoke to Draselth and Draselth alone, he made the good choice and recommitted his vows to the ancients, regaining his powers.

The groups joy was brief however when they tried to leave and found the rope and Darilith gone: they instead found Vulvriken. They fled back inside as he gloated about kiling Skyfire through manipulating the blades and sealed the party in. Aliz was unable to get the group out and all seemed lost until Marcus Roe rescued the group after being alerted by Darilith, teleporting them to safety.

Draselth Shopping List

- Cape of resistance (1000g)
- Silver Chalice (30g)
- 2 potions of Restoration, Lesser (150g)
- An Helmet (…g)

Draselth journal - dies Saturnī 29 Martinus

I spent the whole day waiting for that party to move.

My dear brother and Sonen were in bad condition in a collapsed hole. I don’t know why they didn’t try to take him out, he was clearly in a dangerous place. There was nothing I could do outside that hole anyway. That gave me time to meditate on that.

Oh Great Lord, I’ve sinned, I know. Please, don’t be angry. You took a part of me when I looked away, and now I’m alone in this world.

Now Sonen is back on his feet, we end up exploring that hole. Apparently, there is a temple, it did sound interesting to explore it, but I don’t like spider, especially the ones bigger than I.

The Great Lord removed my powers and my prayers are now unanswered, it hurt me inside. I don’t feel the magical energy inside of me. It would have helped us so much, dear Lord.

I did manage to clear a path in a trapped room. This temple is weird : what do they keep that require traps?

Aliz Journal Notes

So we need to go to Gorix.. but it is so far away and through a dangerous place. It would be wisest to fly with Darilith, but the mechanical dragon has suddenly changed temperament entirely. not only offended at being asked to fly us somewhere as a favor for saving her entire life, but thinking we are comparing her to a beast, absurd. Also mentioned it was a she and not a he. Would have been nicer to know earlier since we have used these terms before, but whatever. I apologized and did my best to move on, but i’m getting seriously tired of the attitudes of everyone we meet. Its like they swap between happy and angry face masks day by day. I just feel so frustrated at them. I’ll bide my time for now. The day may come where I finally grow tired of it though. At any rate, we calmed her down and we spoke on history a little. Nothing really conclusive.. nobody knows why the elves started summoning demons, but Darilith mentioned she was from their land of Enon in the past.

Marcus said he and his group were headed back to Summerset, but we at least got a map from it. He said we would need to collect pay from Ariis at the Archsomething foundation in Summerset. Anyway, they bade their goodbyes and left.

Side note: Tiktaalik seems to be changing more. He’s becoming hotter. I like it.

After that, seemed like the party wanted to return to Summerset.. oh well, I guess its better than marching into a demon strewn war zone. However that was not to be.

Sonen and Yapkin got into an argument. and Sonen stormed off. Tik followed and they soon vanished. the cause was revealed after a search: they had fallen into a hole. It was very deep, but Korel’s magic got us down.. we found Tik and Sonen. At first I thoguht he was dead, but an inspection revealed him to be in a coma. Lucky.. I should be able to heal that. i made him stable and then we were attacked by a spider. Tik killed it swiftly.

We rested so I could prepare my magic. This place was some kind of temple for an old order of knights. now its in ruin and full of spiders.. it was a rough night, but I managed to get some sleep under the watchful eye of Darilith. She now seems quite nice.. masks. But maybe my own temper can get the better of me. I should be more careful.

Anyhow I managed to heal Sonen. he’s better than he was, but will require a few days to recover or so.. he’ll have a poor headache. I like him though, I am glad I was able to help save his life… again.

Now the party wants to explore this spider pit.. I don’t want to, but i’ll help as best I can anyway. Must support the clan.

The place turned out to have traps. These knights were smarter than I gave them credit for. We managed to evade them thanks to Yapkin and Drasleth’s work and then came to a room with more spiders within.

i was thinking after me and korel went swimming that i could write stuff down sir grimwar the wise did that too and he really was the wisest of all the milkthistle knights so maybe

yapkin pointed here and said this is where im supposed to write, he’s dras said to cross that stuff out because its a waste of paper

im glad hes talking to me again and hes still the same dras deep down

i was scared he wouldnt be and that he changed and gave up all the things we swore wed always


i asked dras for help again but i didnt let him read it this time and he said that was a good word for what the knights would do

they uphold what they think is right no matter what
and anything that could help the clan has to be right

i think hes a fool to still be mad it was his own fault and i think he des erved to be punished for what he did that wasnt nice to say but i wish hed learn his lesson isntead of blame felnuvek

i know what i did was wrong why cant he

korel was right we need to talk
i shouldnt have lied like i did it was cowardly to avoid talking but i was too ashamed to admit that
well i didnt completely lie because we didnt ever need to talk like that because we never had fights before
felnuvek whispered to me that i need to just follow my heart and do what i think is right but im glad i didnt
im not always right
i didnt want to tell dras i was going to tell yap but not with dras around but liz and korelian said i had to tell the clan
of course they were right and i did it like they wanted and so i finally talked to dras
when we did i wasnt so angry at him but now im worried
he used to tell me everything but he sounded brainwashed by that god more like a daemon i think
he was hurting and i was wrong to not try to uderstand why and i also shouldnt have hit him
i need to talk to him more
ive never seen him so vicious like that night when we battled the elves

so i think felnuvek was wrong in that way because i have to listen to liz and korel
thats why im trying to write like sir grimwar so maybe i can be wiser like them

its not so hard like i thought it was going to be the words kind of keep coming on their own
maybe thats because of the helmet too she did say it would make me smarter
is it still a helmet or a head
well my head isnt a helmet its still mine even if its not
i almost dont notice now that it doesnt hurt any more
the words will be clearer soon
once we reach clan gorix i hope i they can help keep us safe
they were right about that too even the knights dont always fight to keep people safe especially sir grimwar
i need to talk to korel about that again too
and liz and yap
they dont look so sad like korelian did but they might just hide it better than him
they still like lots of hugs and that makes korel feel better
he sure does like hugs he hugged me tight all night just like he said he would
im glad that makes him happier
my hand is tired now

Draselth journal - dies Saturnī 22 Martinus

After a night of sleep, we found that Ariis left.

It seems that Sonen and Serra were wounded, but I don’t remember. I was taken in the heat of battle.
The anger has taken over me again, I think. They seem fine now.

Tik asked me things about how to bring back souls from the outerworld. It’s something I do know.
But Tik did seem a bit… strange… I though he would consider trading his soul for bringing back the clan.
I wasn’t completely wrong. He wanted to help Felnuvek as she apparently offer to bring back the clan in our world.
She couldn’t be trusted, but if she could bring back the clan, we had to consider her offer.
I don’t want to help her, I hate her, but I had to make a choice between my faith, my own will and the clan.

I didn’t want to make this choice, ever. I want to kill Felnuvek, make her beg for her life and bathe my sword in her blood.
But she could bring back our clan. I didn’t have the choice, I had to go against the Great Lord’s will and make my choice.
He won’t forgive me.

I lost my link with the deities. I feel emptiness, sadness and hurt in my heart.
It’s like if a part of me left when I removed my medallion. I lost my powers.
Now I’ll have to work harder than before to be a dragon slayer, eventually. At least I do have a knight armour.
Tik is happy for my new look. Same for the other ones. I don’t know for how long I’ll stand, the world is heavier now. I feel a little sick too.

I hope I’ll go well soon. I must atone…

Further adventure

At first we rested up.. Aliz prepared healing magic for the trio of wounded, she noted that the Wolf seemed fond of the human.

Then the clan discussed their plans for the journey ahead. the group leaned towards heading to Gorix with Darilith as protection. They made plans about disguising Korelian with scale dyes. Korelian also gained a letter of recommendation for the arcane college.

Afterward, Tik mentioned to Aliz and Korelian that he was spoke to by Felnuvek. It would be possible to make a wish with two silvah to resurrect the clan. They approached the others with this information, but Drasleth and Yapkin were mistrustful of this, Drasleth especially. It caused a big argument.. but eventually Drasleth decided he would turn away from the ‘Great Lord Baal’ for the good of the clan, preventing a tragic group split.

Game Log 15/3/2014

Mo is cute.

We engaged the elf mercenaries in battle. or it would be more correct to say they engaged us.

A very dangerous fight.. they had a lot of armour and it seemed like we would lose at first or would have to flee, but we managed to win using a few hero points. Tik’s helmet activated and he breathed fire on the enemies, which was a surpise. Aliz’s touch attack acid breath came in incredibly handy and she took down three weakened elves that way.

After the battle Tik had smokey breath and coughed.. seemed to have developed flame breath, and Aliz assumed that he had a bit of dragon in him like she did.. after some advice on how to manage it, he went for some time alone and everyone else looked at the mech dragon. Then after a few concerns Aliz and Krit acted as lookouts to see how Sonen’s battle was doing.. and we saw demonic activity, tree’s being tore up etc. Kore activated the dragon and Aliz went to talk to Tik. The helmet had fused and became his head and he seemed to be becoming akin to a half dragon.

After Activating the dragon it turned out to be named named Darilith, he was mistrustful but Kore made mention of trying friendship and he flew away to defeat the demon. Then returned with the three allies who were hurt, but not dead.

Darilith asked how long he was deactivated for, then asked if ‘they won’. Korelian does not know who ‘they’ are and stated he didn’t know, so Darilith asked Lapir who merely stated that the clockwork revolt was 300 years ago and was terminated.

Darilith turned out to have been an ill human who was put into the mecha body. He wondered where he could go and the party both offered him companionship and also wondered if he could go with Sonen to the mechanical land of the Saurials. Then Aliz healed Sonen back to consciousness and Yapkin bounded off to seek out his pistol.


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