A town in the Windfell woods

Mostly populated By humans but has a few passing dwarves and elves.
Wide and sprawling with cobble stone roads. Summerset is the closest settlement to the northern border. Surrounded by stone walls with two guarded gates, one at the east and the other north.

Places of interests;

Dog & Pony
The only Inn availiable in Summerset. their prices are reasonable for most races and the Barkeeper is a man not to be messed with.

The Armour’s Hammer
The local Armour of Summerset. The Shopkeeper keeps stock of most simple and martial weapons but if pressed and compensated we can make to order.

The Alchemists Retort
Alchemist store run by Rodan Nord who sells alchemical items and potions up to 4th level

D’van’s deciples
Holy temple to a god of humanity, they offer spell services up to 4th level

Devious Devices
Magical enchanter, offers enchanting of up to 1000 gp and the sale of rings up to 2000gp


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