Saurian Weapons

Melee Weapons
Battle Claw Exotic Light weapon| 20gp | Dmg 1d4 | 19-20/x3|0.5lbs | B and P

Thrown Weapons
Throwing Glaive Exotic One handed| 20gp | Dmg(M) 2d4 |19-20/x2 | 30ft | 2lbs | S | Returning

Firearm Bullets
Blast Bullet | 30gp | 5ft blast radius
Smoke bullet | 10gp| Special

Metal Cartridge Ammunition
Hollow Point Cartridge | 15gp | Double damage dice | can not use Touch AC
Fire cartridge | 40gp | 1d6 Fire damage
Ice Cartridge | 80gp | 1d6 Ice damage
Acid Cartridge | 40gp | 1d6 Acid damage
Holy Cartridge | 50gp | 2d4 Holy damage
Fuse Cartridge | 200gp | 2d6 Bludgeoning damage in 1d3 rounds

Silver Metal +30gp
Cold-iron +30gp


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