The forgotten Seekers

Aliz's notes.

These are our enemies.

Human, Gryphon, Canis. They call themselves ‘The Iron Swords’

They headed west from Summerset and didn’t return to Summerset, so must have carried on west through the Windfell woods.

We met some friends.

Sonen Kovash: Saurial. Good guy.
Rodan Nord: Alchemist. He has offered us lots of gold to get him a Dragon Scale. Yapkin thinks this is a bad thing to do, but we of scales shed them all the time. it is of no more note than a claw clipping to me. Still, best make sure all are good with this. We may need gold for revenge.

Vulivkren: The Dragon who cut out Felnuvek’s Silvah. No scales.

Korelian: My birth-clan was the Clan of Gorix, once servants to the great dragon Zarilantar, the Betrayer.

We are to go to Gorix and seek out what happened to Zarilantar

Someday, we need to go retrieve the silvah from the sky island.


kyotefox Kaero

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