The forgotten Seekers

Baan Arkdramelech

Baan Arkdramelech

Baan Arkdramelech, known as the Bane of the Dragons is Lawful Neutral. His favoured weapon are Claws (Longsword). His domains : Law, Destruction, Liberation, Travel, War.
- History

Baan Arkdramelech was a dragon before. He despise how bad the dragons treat the other “lesser” races. The non-dragons might not have been gifted with strong magical essence, but it doesn’t mean that they had to be bullied by arrogant dragon kin. He lead numerous war against his kind, leading to lose the favours of Bahamut. That didn’t prevent him to increase his power and influence, leading him to Godhood.
- Relationship

Baan consider the dragon kin as enemies, except for the ones who are oppressed but them such as kobolds. The other dragon gods, such as Bahamut and Tiamat, count as enemies.
- Appearance and Emissaries

Baan manifest as an hybrid between an humanoid and a dragon partially ethereal wearing a mask made of orichalcum where the ashes of his fallen enemies continue to drop.

- Servants

Baan have a champion : a dragonborn who did turn against his kind. Now he’s spreading the “Words of Baan” to the oppressed he met.
- Church of Baan Arkdramelech

The church, like his clerics, are rare. His cult became taboo in this world, since major settlement tends to be influenced by dragon who do fear him. Their followers are often hunt down by clerics of others cults.

- Holy Texts
The principal holy text is the “Words of Baan”.

This world need to be purged of his oppressors. The dragon kin, my kin, are arrogant creatures that oppress the “lesser” races, the others. I can’t stand this inequity anymore. I’ve fought many of my brothers and sisters that were blinded by their arrogance. Now, it’s time for salvation. The great Baan Arkdramelech, the Bane of the dragons, is on your side. Be guided by your faith and fight the oppressor!


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