Dragon Druid


A medium sized young red dragon, Aliz protects her scales with magical jewellery and specially fitted leather armour.


Aliz was always a bit weird even as a hatchling, she preferred spending time exploring on her own as opposed to playing with her clanmates and had few close friends. As she grew older, her explorations extended further and further away from the clans cave territory and she was often caught before finding herself in more dangerous places, and once she had to be rescued from a dangerous cave slime by a Kobold named Korv. Taking her back to the Nursery, Korv inquired about the young Kobold and finding she was soon to be of age to start working he requested her to become his pupil, and she accepted. A month later she became an apprentice Cave Seeker under Master Korv the Cave Druid.
Her years under master Korv were enlightening to the young Kobold. She quickly found she had a talent for the Druidic magic he taught and learned a lot from him, not only about the caves in which they dwelled but also the outside world, animals and plants and of the races outside after they encountered the local Druids in the area who Korv introduced her to as his apprentice. Korv wasn’t a member of the Druidic circle as taking an oath to a nonkobold was against the clan teachings, so while he was able to wear metal armour, he hadn’t been taught the secret language. Aliz followed her masters example.
The pair often traveled the surface as the caves around the clan were fully explored and charted by the older Kobold and thus they wandered the area around their clan. The plains and the forests and woodland around were ever changing and the pair ventured many miles from the clan, sometimes even spending weeks away from the clan. They were trained to seek out resources on the surface world: medicinal herbs and fungi and also edible fungi and plants. Their other task however was also their title: Cave Seekers. They searched for new caves for tribe expansion, mining potential and surface foray shelter. On returns to the clan they helped heal the sick and wounded.

Of course, despite how essential their services were to the clan they were often looked at as oddballs and at times almost outsiders. After all, what Kobold enjoyed spending time on the surface away from the tribe so much as they did? Despite this, Master Korv and Aliz cared about their clan deeply and put their heart in to their work.

Aliz thought this way of life would continue for her entire life, until she too took an apprentice. However, things would soon change..

Aliz’s parents were dragons shapeshifted into Kobolds. In a twist of fate, neither knew the other was also a dragon.

Aliz’s father is a young adult male Red Dragon named Maraxen who was at the time spending time masquerading as a Kobold sorcerer in a clan known as Temegar, a small clan far to the south that does not have a patron dragon. Maraxen is a young adult who is at the stage of his life where he is carefree, boisterous and prone to experiment and self indulgence. A good natured dragon, nonetheless he is irresponsible and has already spawned a handful of half dragons to clan Temegar (and several more Kobolds with above average sorcerous potential).

Aliz’s mother is a mature adult female Red Dragon named Alivenae who is a wanderer by nature, who spends long periods of time shapeshifted into a half green dragon kobold, both to mask her identity better and to confer her a more respected status amongst Kobold clans she visits. Alivenae is wise and unknowingly Aliz takes after her. She is also a Druid by profession and uses this power to both take on other forms and get along well when wandering in the wild. She is an old friend of master Korv whom knew her secret, and indeed taught him his profession. When she found herself with egg on her travels, she travelled to Skyfire and left the egg there, stopping only to watch her hatchling be born. Since the hatchling Aliz showed signs of merely being a green dragon leaning Kobold, she spoke to Korv, telling him to take care of her hatchling when she came of age and to watch her for signs of her being anything more.

Of course, things are rarely so simple. After a disaster at the clan, some time adventuring and a strange magic, Aliz’s draconic self woke earlier than would have been the case naturally. Now in her true dragon form, Aliz is at a loss for what to do, caught between two worlds.

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