The forgotten Seekers

Adventure Log

Aliz's afterthoughts in her journal

It is done.. we rescued Grubbers son and captured Patches and a few others from the mansion.

It was not easy.. it has taken its toll on us in more ways than physical.

I feel such incredible frustration. What happened was.. beyond horrible. What they did was unforgivable.. from what I can piece together.. they used magic to summon a vestige of the hatchling that never was..

from here, the writing grows erratic and shaky

They gave it a semblance of life and feeling.. a desire.. a want to be loved.. I.. I feel nothing but regret and upset.. I want to cry.. I want to scream.. but I have worried the others enough.. what happened should never have happened.. I hate that we slew that twisted wizard before I could make his death more painful.

I took the egg.. I cradled it in my arms and brought it out of the circle.. ending the vestige.. it was so fragile.. I know it was not real.. no more than an illusion and yet.. yet it was an echo of something that was.. this pain.. these feelings.. these tears.. they are for something that died long before I was hatched.. the egg was centuries old, maybe millennia..

the writing recovers its legibility

This will hurt me for some time.

In more practical matters.. we sold the few things we recovered. We have a lot of gold now. We have a trip to be thinking about.. under the mountains. It may be a difficult journey.

My clan and friends are reliable. Though they are not without troubles of our own.

Drasleth seems to have found some new path.. I wonder how it will turn out for him. He seems to have found some light based god.

Kray was as reliable as he has ever been since we found him. On the way back we encountered an Owlbear of his named Brightbeak. He is full of surprises.

Yapkin mentioned her egg reacted to the vestige.. that can only mean one thing. The egg is worrying. We have no stable place for a hatchling. We will be undertaking a long and difficult journey. It may be best to delay until the hatchling is hatched and strong enough for a trip.. though that may take months.

Tiktaalik. worries me. I do hope he will be okay. I need to spend some time with him soon. His emotion troubles worry me overly. He must have used a lot of willpower to resist the call of the vestige.

Korelian has been very supportive.. and proved very reliable in the manor. he sells himself short. His power is growing. he is more reliable than he realizes.. and his genius is a reassuring asset for us.


kyotefox Kaero

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