Fate points

Fate points may be spent to roll at advantage on a d20 roll by declaring their use before rolling. They may also be spent to reroll a d20 roll, taking the new result regardless (Hero Points may instead be spent to reroll and take the better roll). Other minor bonuses may also be provided upon request (i.e. +1 to a spell DC).

Fate points should be earned and spent doing things that are characterful, whether beneficial or not.

A hero point may be exchanged for 3 fate points. Alternatively, if a character possesses 3 fate points, upon earning a fourth they may instead exchange them all for a hero point. Fate points refresh to 1 at the beginning of every session (so if your pool is depleted at the end of the previous session, you always begin play with 1 fate point). Between sessions, they refresh each in-game day.

The maximum number of fate points a character may have is 3, unless you have the Hero’s Fortune feat (it then becomes 5). Similarly, Luck of Heroes applies to both fate and fero points. Blood of Heroes increases the refresh of fate points to 2.

Fate points

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