Might of Valor potion | Long lasting strength boosting potion

Fortify Potions
This potion provides a +2 alchemical bonus to one ability score chosen at the time of creation that lasts for 30 minutes
Lesser: 300gp | Greater: double strength and duration 1,600gp | Grand: triple strength and duration 3,300gp

Spellpower Elixir:
The next spell a spellcaster casts within an hour of drinking this potion does not Expend a slot. This effect applies to spells of no higher than 4th level. The spell must be one the drinker knows
transmutation; caster level 7th: Craft Alchemy; Price 700 gp

Sturdying Elixir:
The character drinking this potion gains temporary hit points that last until lost or until one hour passes, whichever comes first. The temporary hit points do not stack with other sources of temporary hit points or multiple doses of this potion. The cost depends on the number of hit points gained.
Faint (10 or 20 hp) or moderate (30 hp) transmutation; caster
Craft Alchemy; Price 300 gp (10 hp), 750 gp (20 hp), or 1,450 gp (30 hp)


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